Books Books (artist’s) Books. June 2019. Conference. Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin

Mimeo Takeover. May 2019. Three-day workshop. Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin

Druck Druck Druck, Apr. 15 – Aug. 14, 2019, co-curator. Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin 

‘Riso as a Tool for Freedom’, featured in the exhibition Riso Circles at San Francisco State University Design Space, December 2019

Risofest Paris, June 2018. Co-curator. Pop-up DIY print festival. Galerie 34Greneta, Paris  

Print as Practice. Organizer. Series of roundtable events on independent publishing; installments at Miss Read Berlin, 2018 and IndieCon, Hamburg, 2018, among other venues 

Risofest Berlin 2017. Co-curator. DIY print festival. Urban Spree, Berlin

Vetro Event Series, Berlin, 2017. Co-curator. Eight weeks of art, design, print and literature events 

A Drink or Two Loosens the Tongue, 2016. Co-curator. Multi-lingual sound installation, Kamo Atelier, Berlin

Shaman Paper: Amate in Craft and Ritual. Co-curator. Kamo Atelier, Berlin

Mexico City Lit. Co-organizer. Poetry reading at Wiser Books, Mexico City 14.4.16

GrAphorisms, 2011, curator. Exhibition of contemporary typography. CREAM Espai Creatiu, Barcelona

Sahararte, Barcelona, 2011. Co-organizer. 5-day multidisciplinary festival in solidarity with the Sahrawi people.