As Author:

Cassette Cultures: Past and Present of a Musical Icon (2019, Benteli)

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Stationery Fever: from Paper Clips to Pencils and Everything in Between (2016, English & German: Prestel)

As Editor:

Markus Gisler - The Silent Magic of the Alps (2018, Benteli)

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Massimo Menichinelli - Fab Lab: Revolution Field Manual (2017, Niggli Verlag)

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Various - Poets for Ayotzinapa (with María Cristina Hall and Tim MacGabhann) (2014, Mexico City Lit)

Multidirections: Where Mexico Meets The World (2014, Jacaranda Education, four EFL textbooks)

Anna Sacani - Letterscapes: A Global Survey of Typographic Installations (2013, Thames & Hudson)

One Gear: Converting and Maintaining Single Speed & Fixed Gear Bicycles (2012, Gingko Press) 

As Translator:

Jean Claude Carrière - Seven Letters (2019, forthcoming) 

Luz María Sánchez - Technological Epiphanies: Samuel Beckett and Sound Technologies (Futura Textos, 2016, bilingual edition)

Various - Mexican Poets Go Home (2016, Bongo Books)

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